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Juan Diablo
20 practical verses 204 ruger
Date: Oct 24, 2009 1:39:07 PM PDT
Author: Juan Diablo

I'm thinking of having a custom barrel made for a H & R handi rifle in 20 cal practical. I'm wondering if it would just be more practical to get a 204 ruger barrel? Brass would be a lot cheaper for the 20 practical. I'm open to suggestions on this


Smokin 98 Cummins
Date: Jul 9, 2010 5:18:21 PM PDT
Author: Smokin 98 Cummins

well...i do my own gunsmithing and i have built my own tac 20 and i would suggest you either go with that or the practical. the pratical has the same sholder angle as the 223 23* and the tac 20 has a 30* sholder. so if you are going to do it just doit in Tac 20 you wont be dissappointed. i love mine. when i build another 20 it will either be a 20-223IMP or a 20Br.



Date: Mar 12, 2014 6:07:37 PM PDT
Author: Short-Mag

The .20 Tac has nothing on the .204 Ruger. Well, maybe a
cooler name.
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